Debt collectors become life savers in Alicante province

Caption: DEFIBRILLATORS: If your SUMA bill comes as a shock... Photo credit: Pixabay

SUMA, the official ‘debt collectors’ for the Alicante province are about to become a vital life-saving point too.

In the coming weeks, 15 of its main offices will see semi-automatic defibrillators installed that will enable anyone to be treated in the case of suffering a cardiac arrest in or near to the premises.

This new initiative, developed in association with and the agreement of the occupational health committee, includes the training of all personnel who will have access to the defibrillators so they can accurately carry out the procedure if needed.  It’s vital that a patient suffering a cardiac arrest can be treated as soon as possible and every second really does count.

Semi-automatic External Defibrillators are vital to saving the life of a person who has a heart attack because they allow normal heart rhythms to be restored by applying a high-voltage electric shock.

Last month, a similar device was used to save someone’s life in the commercial centre in Elche.

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