Dermatology- Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin Cancer Prevention
taking care of your skin is essential for your future health. Credit: HC Marbella

Today parents are aware that taking care of their children’s skin is essential for their future health.

The same tendency has also been observed in adults. “Now people are aware that not just melanoma but also skin ageing is related to sun exposure,” explains the Dermatology Department at HC Marbella.

The lack of interest from adolescents and young adults regarding sun protection worries dermatologists greatly.

Having a tan and looking good is more important to them than their health.

Melanoma: when skin neither forgives nor forgets.

80% of the solar radiation reaching our skin is received before the age of 18, therefore adolescence is key to avoiding skin damage.

“Skin damage caused by exposure to the sun is accumulative, therefore the patients we are seeing with skin cancer now are those who have had sunburn in the past,” explains Dr. del Boz from the Dermatology Department, meaning adults who had excessive sun exposure in childhood and adolescence are those who are now suffering the consequences. For example it is occurring in people who were born between 1940 and 1960, a time when no one was aware of the dangerous effects of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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