Do you look like Donald Trump?

Do you look like Donald Trump
YOU’RE HIRED: The right candidate will have to undergo weekly spray tans and daily hair appointments Photo credit Pinterest

BOSSES of a corporate hospitality company in England say they are struggling to recruit a Donald Trump lookalike to get involved in their ‘Apprentice’-themed team-building events.

London-based Team Tactics is willing to pay the right candidate ― who will have to undergo weekly spray tans and daily hair appointments and agree to remain ‘in character’ throughout eight-hour training sessions ― a pro rata salary of £50,000 (€56,000).

‘Finding someone suitable’ is ‘proving more difficult’ than first anticipated, according to the company’s press release.

It cites Trump’s current unpopularity in the United Kingdomand the rigorous demands of the job as being possible contributing factors.

The company shared the advertisement for the job to its website on Monday. 

Tina Benson, managing director at Team Tactics, said: ‘The Apprentice treasure hunt has been very popular since its launch, but now we want to give visitors an even more immersive experience.’

‘Donald Trump was an iconic part of the Apprentice in America and we’re sure his character will be an excellent addition to the event.’

‘Whether it’s a lack of people willing to work as a lookalike or that there are a lack of people that do indeed look like him, we don’t know, but we’re willing to pay a great rate to finally be able to tell a lookalike ‘you’re hired’.’

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