Dolphin found dead on beach in Denia

JUST A BABY: Vets and researchers will analyse the possible causes of the animal’s death Photo credit Facebook

A YOUNG dolphin was found dead on the beach in Denia.

The dolphin weighed nearly 60 kilos and was 1.84 metres long.

Vets and researchers from The Oceanografic Foundation have already begun to analyse the possible causes of the animal’s death – hoping to find out more about the health of dolphins in the Mediterranean and the threats they face.

Jose Luis Crespo, Head of Conservation at L’Oceanografic in Valencia said that it’s not uncommon for a dolphin to beach itself due to illness or injury, swimming in close to shore to take refuge in shallow water and getting trapped by the changing tide.

‘Dolphins, unlike sea turtles, are very weak animals easily dragged along by the current’ he said.

The Oceanografic Foundation and the Red Cross recently ran a joint campaign dedicated to educating those living along the Costa Blanca coastline on the stranding of marine animals

The educational sessions were held in Alcossebre, Gandia, Guardamar del Segura, Javea, Nules and Oliva where the associations explained what to do when finding a beached animal.

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  1. Excuse me, if I could make a remark in the room.
    It is abstract. When I read about, ONE, dead dolphin, around which the various foundations of marine conservation organizations are concerned, why dolphins go so badly in our seas. Why is your health improved? OK. We know all other mammals are getting worse and worse in our seas. Exceptionally many whales are stranded sick or already dead, in all continents. The numbers scare me. The numbers will rise exponentially, I will put my word on it. So we will have a higher mortality rate in the end of the year than in the first half year.
    Pollution and exploitation do not decrease, on the contrary. New laws are passed by various countries that are working against the preservation or improvement of healthy seas. Apart from the country, it is no different. It is further polluted and drained, without regard for biodiversity. I even guess that deliberate waste is transported from land to the sea, to dispose of it. Even if illegal, it happens. How do car tires get on the sea bottom? Or chemical substances? And then there is also the fact that the shipping traffic has a considerable share of the guilt that plastic floats in the sea. The shipping companies must discard the ship waste in the ports at a charge. Pay! Pay?? But if the entire industry is only interested in exploitation, how should they understand this in their minds when the waste can be thrown free in the sea?
    So I come back to the dolphins and whales. As we know, these animals circulate in schools around the globe, even if only from pole to pole. (North-South) But they have routes and currents that teach them instinctively and with memory, each generation. So how can you say that, for example, in the Mediterranean, other problems affect the dolphins, as for example the whales in the Atlantic? Or in the Pacific? Basically, everyone meets the same fate.
    It is The pollution, the food shortage, and the solitude. And loneliness is extremely fatal for an animal growing up in schools, especially when there is food shortage.
    The animals learn together. Alone they eat garbage, get into danger because no experienced animal teaches them and dies.
    And the reason for the loneliness of many of these animals, I’m almost sure is whaling. Larger groups are randomly separated. Or important groups are selected and killed. Even of pregnant whales do not stop these monsters. Or kill a mother animal along with young. Everything in pictures proved. Great experienced animals also. And when military wage whaling is operated, a whole school is being cut off on their route. This does not mean that they are not missed. Other schools know different schools to avoid incest. But so almost a whole village has been exterminated. We know the connections of the marine mammals too little. They are ignored. From pure profit greed. This applies to the Faroe Islands. In one day, 100 dolphins !!!! Simply killed. Slaughtered because they have to pass their route, unfortunately, to these devilish islands. Everywhere in the world people make care when a dolphin or whale is stranded.
    But this degenerate island nation, make as much break in one day as we try to save in a year! That it twists my stomach. From Japan the same senseless game. The Norwegians, the Islanders and the Danes. These few countries are responsible when these mammals die out. And that will have consequences for all. But punished, no one will end up. Although we should already know. And actually have proven. With their catch quotas, which no one can justify at this time. If it is not stopped now, the sea mammalian age is over quickly, as many experts have never believed.


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