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beach dumping
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ENVIRONMENTALIST organisation ANSE have complained to the authorities in Mar Menor about the dumping of beach greenery.

They are particularly concerned about the amount of Posidonia – the most common seaweed found on the local beaches – that has been dumped inside the Sitio Ramsar Mar Menor after being taken away in trucks.  ANSE said that it is “probably” the town hall of San Pedro de Pinatar that has been the main offender by depositing the weed in a protected area.

ANSE also fears the practise of dumping the ever increasing amount of beach waste onto the same area will remove even more public space from the Mar Menor and the Arenales de San Pedro.  A further concern is that by taking away so much of the Posidonia weed and accompanying sand it’s hastening coastal erosion, and at the same time thrown on to vegetation land and salt marshes; thus affecting those areas in the process.

ANSE have recently presented arguments against the reduction of 16 hectares of currently protected areas of the Mar Menor, which is exactly where the dumping has taken place.

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