€120,501 budget winners in Mijas

€120,501 budget winners
Tamara Vera: announces the subsidies

MIJAS Council has announced it has approved the first round of subsidies it will be handing out to local associations this year.

The council has now considered nine out of the 37 requests made by local bodies to apply for local authority funding, handing out around €15,000 so far from its €120,501 pot.

Tamara Vera, Councillor for Citizen Participation, explained, “we want to let residents know we have approved payments to several of the associations that have already completed the process of proving they fulfill the requirements for payments from the 2016 subsidy.”

Of the nine associations to benefit so far, Thames, Puerto los Gators and the Association of Elderly People of La Cala, are among the ones whose names have been revealed.

A process is also now open for other associations to post documents and amend applications at the department. According to Councillor Vera, “we are in constant contact with each and every one of our associations to resolve any doubts they might have about the procedure as well as making sure they submit all the relevant documentation in good time.”

The council has encouraged all associations which have not yet submitted applications to go to the Department for Citizen Participation at the Mayor’s Office in Las Lagunas, where staff will help with any queries.

The news comes after The Mijas Disabilities Assocation (ADIMI) was last month been given a €15,000 seven-seater van by the IPV Palace Hotel to transport children to the charity’s new care centre.

The handover event was attended by the Mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, as well as the Councillor for Social Services, Mari Carmen Carmona.

Mayor Maldonado commented, “we, and all the people of Mijas, must thank the hotel’s owner for his commitment to our community. These children will now be able to attend their therapy without transportation being a problem for their families.  Without this fantastic donation, many of them would not be able to get to the care centre to get involved in these activities.”

Ms Carmona stressed added, “this van will provide an enormous help to parents, who, for economic reasons, could not cope with taking their children to the care centre, and had to give up their therapy.”

The van is able to be adapted to carry wheelchairs, and the president of ADIMI, Cristobal Moreno, has explained the charity will do this, saying, “we are going to carry out this upgrade so we can easily transport those with reduced mobility and we will also add more routes and collections points so we can include all our users.”

The new 2,000 square metre care centre, which has been open since January and cost almost €2 million, will serve 200 users, including many who were previously one the organisation’s waiting list.  In addition to early care and occupational workshops already on offer, ADIMI now hope to use their new, larger premises to help adult users, as well as children and young people.

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