€220,000 market upgrade for Marbella

€220,000 market upgrade
The councillors: inspect the damage

MARBELLA’S Council is investing hundreds of thousands of Euros in upgrading the town’s central market.

The repair works will help to solve the site’s “historical problems”, including issues with paving and waterproofing.

The town’s mayor, Jose Bernal, and councillors forWorks and Commerce, Blanca Fernandez and Manuel Morales, have visited the facilities to announce the project.  Mayor Bernal explained, “we are hoping the works will modernise a market that has been abandoned by previous governing parties and who invested many thousands of Euros but did not solve the problems.”

The mayor has assured the works, which are expected to begin after the summer so as not to affect the shops during peak season, “will leave the market in the best possible condition and more attractive.” He added the works are in addition to waterproofing which has already seen an investment of €120,000, saying, “in short, this is a market abandoned by previous councils and rescued by this one.”

The works will have a lead time of 16 weeks, according to Blanca Fernandez, who said the paths serving the market stalls are in poor condition and have bad paving. She added, “these paths, along with some stalls, mainly selling fish, present serious sealant problems affecting the ground underneath.”

The project includes the repair of the paving of the fruit areas, fish areas, and weighing and washing room, as well as waterproofing 11 stalls.

Individual water meters will also be installed at each stall, the access barrier to the carpark will be installed, an air conditioning test will be carried out, and a wifi network and public address system will be installed, while all upper windows will also be sealed.

Manuel Morales said works would begin in January or February 2018 and has announced another€60,000 will be invested in the Divina Pastora market, where cameras and an air conditioning system will be installed.

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