Dad takes the blame for son in car crash

COVERING: Breath test exposes father’s cover-up. Photo credit: Pixhere

A FATHER originally took responsibility for a car crash to cover for his son.

Following an incident on Calle Bigastro in Elche, a man phoned the police on the 112 emergency number saying that he’d collided with a dividing line of plastic cones in the middle of the road that separates the bus lane from the rest of the traffic.

However, a few hours earlier, a passer-by reported a similar incident but said the driver had fled the scene.  Further investigations by police led them to believe that the driver wasn’t the man that reported the incident but was the man’s son who, when eventually tested, was double the maximum alcohol limit.

Both the father and the son eventually admitted that it was the young man who was driving the car when it crashed, and had later returned to the scene to make it look as if the father had been responsible.  It was at this point that the alcohol tests took place and found the excessive levels in the son…and not the father.

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