Extra buses show fare returns

SUCCESS: The busy Friday market in Torrevieja. Photo credit: SOL Times

THE enhancement of the bus service to the new market in Torrevieja has only cost the council €70.  The overall monthly service for the month of May 2017 – when the market opened in its new location – was expected to cost €1,500.  The number of people using the service totalled 2,717.

The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, explained that according to the figures supplied by the company that runs the local transport services, Costa Azul, the cost of the new ‘Line H’ that linked the municipality to the market just about reached €70.

The budget for the new service had been set at €300 per bus per market day.  However, once the final figures were calculated, the bus company had taken €1,429.30 in fares resulting in a bill for the council of €70.70.

Whilst the mayor described the figures as ‘excellent’, and expressed his delight at the success of the new market site overall, he acknowledged that the figures proved that a high percentage of those that used the bus service to the market didn’t have the free bus pass which residents of Torrevieja can use and what the daily budget was based on.

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