Faster access to health tests in Andalucia

Faster access to health tests
Philips MRI scanner Credit: Wikimedia

THE ANDALUCIAN HEALTH SERVICE (SAS) has passed a proposal to allow family doctors to refer their patients for complex health tests.

The move, which will come into place in mid-September, aims to improve diagnostic speed and simplify the health care system. Previously only specialists were able to send patients for MRI and CT scans, as well as ultrasounds and other tests.

In addition, doctors will also be able to perform minor procedures and surgeries in new operating theatres.

The SAS now plans to work out how many patients each doctor is seeing to ensure there are enough physicians to carry out the work and further doctors and nurses will be hired if it is found there are not currently enough.

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses will also receive improved treatment after the SAS plans to put together coordinated teams comprising nurses, case managers, doctors and social workers to help those with long-term ailments.

According to a spokesperson from the SAS, “we are going to take advantage of the rest of the summer to finish the organisation work and implement out new measures from September 15.”

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