Firework thief not let off

Firework Thief
Photo Credit: Pixabay

OFFICERS from the National Police force in Elche have arrested a man for attempting to rob a firework supermarket.

The 35-year-old Spanish national was accused of threatening the sales clerk of an outlet that sells fireworks with a pair of scissors.

The arrested man was seen by witnesses to be hanging around the area for a few minutes until entering the establishment with his face covered by a bag.  He then wielded the large pair of scissors and demanded the clerk had over the cash register.

The terrified victim had no choice but to hand over the till to the robber who left on foot running through the streets.  When police arrived on the scene, the very detailed description of the thief was circulated to fellow officers and he was soon found in the locality.

He was searched and found with a number of €20 and €5 notes that exactly matched what was in the cash register at the time of being stolen.

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