First ever Spaniard swims Tsugaru Channel in Japan


ONE of the world’s toughest swimming tests has been successfully attempted.

Jorge Crivillés, based in Alicante, became the first ever Spaniard to swim the Tsugaru Channel in Japan and in doing so became only the 29th person in history to achieve the feat.  He took eight hours, 29 minutes – only four people have swam faster – to cross the 34km stretch of sea non-stop linking Hokkaido with Honshu which is part of the international Seven Oceans challenge.

The 46-year-old undertook the swim to raise money for the Spanish Association of Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukaemia Patients (AEAL) the childhood cancer research fund, La Hucha de Tomás (‘Tomás’ Piggybank’) and the cancer foundation ASISA.

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