French farce

Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Penn at a Front National rally in 2012 Credit: Flicker

ONE doesn’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to express concern at sharp electoral practice in some European Union nations. One can also draw conclusions from a voting system wide open to abuse on a massive scale.

In this day and age it is a simple matter to provide a voting system that is 99% tamper proof. Why then use a paper system more suited to medieval Europe.

The surprising spike in votes cast for French President Emmanuel Macron was likely the outcome of electoral fraud. It is now suggested that populist candidate Marine le Pen might have become France’s president had the system not been rigged.

In France, people cast their votes on paper slips distributed by the state. Delivered by post, each voter receives slips each carrying the names of candidates. Choosing their preferred nominee their choice is then placed in the ballot box. Damaged ballot papers are rejected.

Evidence is emerging that up to 60 per cent of the ballot slips bearing the name of Marine le Pen were damaged before their being mailed to the electorate. There is no evidence that slips bearing Macron’s name were similarly damaged.

The damage to a slip need only be slight but that is enough to disqualify the vote. How convenient if you want an electoral process that is far from tamper proof.

The randomness of the rips in the Le Pen ballot slips suggests that destruction was carried out by hand with intent.

Another oddity is that many electors in districts known to favour Macron received multiple ballot papers. Unnervingly, the French Election Commission confirmed that multiple votes would count. If there were complaints these would be investigated after the election. Sure!

When evidence of electoral tampering was referred to the election watchdog the complaint was dismissed and media asked not to report the news story.

Television corporate CNN conceded that ‘there had been irregularities’ in the French elections. The American broadcaster says ballot papers were spoiled. The report went on to say, Emmanuel Macron’s ‘mandate may not be as overwhelming as it seems.’

There was a breaking of the ranks in media output. Agence France Press reported that ‘a staggering number of French voters cast votes which didn’t count.’

There is always allowance for blank or spoiled protest votes. However, it was reported that the number of spoiled ballots in the most recent French election was quadruple the usual number recorded. This anomaly was shrugged off as voters ‘declined to choose’ between the two candidates.

The failed vote records were the worst in nearly half a century, abstention the highest since 1969. The fact is the European Union is corrupt from top to bottom.

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    But he says the British never experienced occupation. I thought England has been occupied since 1066 by the Normans…..


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