Ham thief threatens to kill police officers in Gandia

Ham thief threatens to kill police officers
HARD TO HIDE: It is unclear how the suspect thought he would get away with stealing the €159 ham Photo credit Pixabay

A 25 year old man was arrested in Gandia charged with robbery and assaulting police officers after he was caught stealing an Iberian ham from a local supermarket.

The incident occurred last week when the suspect was caught stealing the ham – worth €159 – by a supervisor at the supermarket.

Staff detained the man until the police arrived.

As the officers attempted to deal with the suspect, he attacked them and threatened to kill them.

The man was arrested and was trying to self-harm, saying he would blame the injuries on the police.

In the police car, the suspect continued to struggle, again lashing out at officers and trying to vandalise the vehicle.

The man was taken to a health centre where he refused to collaborate and threatened to attack health centre staff.

Officers then took the suspect to hospital where he again refused to collaborate – he was finally sedated.

One of the officers required medical attention for a deep cut across his eyebrow caused by the man.

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