Heartbroken couple plead for return of stolen camera containing precious photos of their son

PRECIOUS MEMORIES Lynn, Russell and Brendon on his 19th birthday – this is the sort of picture that means so much to them0

A DEVASTED couple have pleaded for the return of a camera – containing precious photographs of their late son – that was stolen during a burglary on their Costa del Sol home.

Lynn and Russell Davies said the camera contained pictures of their severely disabled 19-year-old son Brendon, who passed away on April 18 last year.

Their passports and some jewellery was also stolen.

They are hoping that the person who took the camera, or someone who knows them, will return it to them with no questions asked.

Severely disabled Brendon was born on the Costa del Sol and survived to the age of 19 thanks to the dedicated care given to him by his parents.

But he finally succumbed to his disabilities and the funeral service was attended by a large number of mourners at the Santo Cristo de la Veracruz Crematorium Estepona on April 20, 2016.

Popular Costa del Sol entertainer and family friend Antony Wolfson is now spear-heading a campaign on social media  in an attempt to track down the stolen camera.

If you know anything that could help locate the please leave a comment below or send us a message via our RTN facebook page: www.facebook.com/RTNNewspaper/ or via Antony’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/antony.wolfson

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  1. Really so sorry and very much saddened to read this. Can only hope conscience kicks in.

    It’s an awful way to be reminded to back up / copy photos to a separate place as soon as they are taken. I too have lost files on lost devices and now I pay attention to my own advice.
    Well done Antony for running with this.

    If they are too embarrassed to drop the camera somewhere is there an RTN email account the holders of the camera could email the pictures to?


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