Heat can drive you to accidents

OVERHEATING: Study shows heat is as dangerous as alcohol. Photo credit: Twitter

ACCORDING to a recent study, excessive temperatures can lead to car accidents.

Prevenis, a company that specialise in analysing the behaviour of drivers, have found that 17 per cent of accidents could be caused when in-car levels of heat reach 30ºC.  At that temperature scale, mistakes increase by 20 per cent and reduced reaction times increase by 22 per cent.

Medical experts from the respected Quirónsalud Hospitals in both Torrevieja and Valencia have warned about drivers’ abilities being severely affected by the heat. A specialist from the traffic unit who works with the Quirónsalud Valencia, Dr Ignacio García, said excessive temperature on the body surface is transmitted to an area of the brain that has other functions like controlling moods, sleep modulation and reaction times to certain unexpected circumstances.

Dr Alfredo Pérez Cortada, Traffic Unit specialist at Quirónsalud Hospital Torrevieja warned that people should avoid driving at the hottest times of day, and advised it is preferable to drive in the morning or in the late afternoon, but always during daylight.

If the temperature inside a vehicle reaches 35-40ºC it can be just as dangerous as having drunk five small beers. Studies have shown that in such heat, drivers miss 15-20 per cent of traffic signs and mistakes behind the wheel increase by 35 per cent.

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