Horoscope – 11th August 2017

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Aries:  Mars faces up to Pluto, and it would seem that there is a delay in process which is beyond your control. This is enabling you to take stock and to look around to see what are your current options, before you commit to something you may live to regret! Take a look at what is going on from another direction and leave no stone unturned as you go.

Taurus:  Peace and harmony are your keynotes, and you are never happier than when everybody gets along with your ideals. However, since you shun conflict and hate any arguments, you put up with too much rather than make a scene and take a stand; even when you should. Whatever you do, do not let others dictate to you, and do what you have to!

Gemini:  Focus on means of communication right now because you have now been silent for too long! Swift moving Mercury empowers you to use your logical mind to make a difference on a personal level. You are curious and highly communicative and about to use your significant psychic powers to make a difference that’s much needed for all.

Cancer:  Neptune is exalted in Cancer, and this week there comes a double whammy as both Ceres and Venus trine with Neptune. Ceres gently organises and brings up poignant energies you may not wish to put into practise, but you have to! Venus shows you just how easy it is for you to get what it is you really want this time around, where love is concerned.

Leo:  Look to your opposing sign of Aquarius as you embark on a project of creativity and truly free expression. Leo gains respect of the actions of Aquarius whilst giving you the ammunition to fight your cause, if indeed you have to. Respect that others find you hard to fathom out these days, especially when you get a bee in your bonnet about things!

Virgo:   Be compassionate to others because the time has come to organise aspects of your friendships right now. Since you put duty before pleasure you will have no problems this week as you prioritise your current obligations. However, for you it can be hard to relax and chill, so take the time, and make a special effort to be the life and the soul of the party.

Libra:   Venus opposes Pluto midweek, so make sure that you put a curb on your extravagance. You have a penchant for the best things in life, and could so easily overspend. Whilst Pluto warns, Venus instructs you never to be afraid that you truly feel instinctive love, as this is the emotion and the motive that keeps you going, and the cause for celebration!

Scorpio:  Intuition sees you shying away from a recent offer just as Mars takes on Pluto this week, whilst it is in opposition to Venus. You will feel a transformation coming your way as you are highly motivated and emotional; and you have had to be silent for so very long. No more biting of the tongue brings you the chance to unload that which you have kept within for so long, and now you have to deal with it.

Sagittarius:  Venus squares with Jupiter this week, and you are never happier than when your planetary leader is involved in the loving caring energies that currently abound. Though you may not be looking for love and affection the trine with Venus and Neptune brings good fortune in affairs of the heart and maybe you will get closer to the love you deserve.

Capricorn:   As the Sun trines Saturn this week you will realise that what you set out to do has brought a wealth of good energy and happiness to many around you! This has been a difficult time for many, but your love and devotion and your tender love and care have put a smile on the faces of those you went all out to help, when they most needed it.

Aquarius:   You love your independence and you also love your friends too, although you get on best with those people who have their own interests and desires. Out in Leo, your opposing sign seems to be coming to terms, so sweep away the debris of the past and focus on what it is that you really need right now, because you are just a step away from it!

Pisces:   Regenerate the fundamental basis of your belief system right now, because you need to take and encourage a more experimental approach to something you are considering taking on. Since you find it hard to say no and mean it, there comes a time when your own wants and needs seem to be just brushed under the carpet, to be dealt with.


If It’s Your Birthday This Week:   Worry not that you may not get it right. People enjoy your endeavouring ways, and the fact that you haven’t had to re-invent yourself shows that you have considerable trust and faith, which are about to be rewarded this astrological year ahead!




Kenny, I recently took some photos and above my husband’s head there are many circles of light. Looking at the scene through my camera there is nothing, but after the photo is taken there are several discs hovering above him. Is something bad going to happen? 

                                                                                 Penny H-S.


I certainly hope not Penny! Such orbs are transmissions of energy from the Spirit World. I visited the Viking Museum in Oslo and took many photos of the Ships on display. One Ship had two big orbs and four smaller ones at the back of the craft. A custodian told me that this was a funeral ship and that the bodies of two adults and four children were discovered there. Is it possible that your husband has had a recent bereavement? Such an energy force can be the silent message that Spirit send to just say that all is well and that they are safe. Otherwise Spirit can be attracted to somebody and the orbs are a transference of energy to the Earth plane, best picked up by photographic equipment. Thanks for sharing!

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