Horoscopes – 4 August 2017


Aries:   If you put in energy, love and commitment, as you have done; there comes a time to look back and take stock. This week sees more than a mere whiff of nostalgia, as Mercury sextiles Venus and your communicative skills are about to be rewarded. Time to take a good look back on all you have achieved with an eye now for what’s coming next!

Taurus:  As the Sun takes on Neptune it is high time you got real and faced financial problems and all possible solutions. Money is often your goal, and that isn’t wrong, particularly as you have such a generous streak. However right now you have to tighten your belt and make economies all along the line, since expenditure has to cover your wants and needs.

Gemini:  Jupiter is sextiled by the Sun early this week. Such action connects you with your opposing sign of Sagittarius. It is correct to say that of all opposites across the Zodiac you have more in common with your opposite side than any other sign. Jupiter is in a benevolent mood, awakened by the Sun and so take on the new, take that risk, it will be worth it!

Cancer:  Start the working week with the energies of the Full Moon and a chance, not an excuse, to make amends! Saying you are sorry and meaning it are two different things, but in the heat of the moment you lost your cool. Now everything is centred around that which you need to achieve right now, and this, at odds, will mean that you have to eat humble pie.

Leo:   Saturn may subdue your actions somewhat, now and in the weeks to come. The Cosmos allows for the entrance into the fifth house, where there is at least some stability right now. You have been given good advice, so take it, and listen and learn. There is something unknown to you which would change the way you are acting. Resolve is however, so close!

Virgo:   You do not have to re-invent yourself to succeed right now, but there are some things that you have to get right before any dividends show. Start at the beginning with something new, because you have the backing of Mercury and the love and confidence of Virgo to help you on your way. Look within to make a fresh start but above all, just be you!

Libra:   Your uncertainties are proved right this week, as you have strong intuition on the psychic side of your reckonings, and for good reason. Lately you seem to have been waiting for something bad to come along, but do not tempt fate. You always get a strong warning, and you always will if you believe in your innate abilities and put them into good use!

Scorpio:   The best of times is now, so strike while the iron is hot! Better than sitting and ruminating, or waiting for something to come along, go in and see what a difference you can make to the agenda. As the Sun drifts into Plutonian energies you can expect a delay in getting the green light, but right now you have clearance for the preparatory work to do.

Sagittarius:  Backed by even your opposing sign of Gemini, nothing can really prepare you for the job in hand. The luck of Jupiter in cahoots with the Sun may make things easier,

but you will still have to think on your feet. Someone has got hold of the wrong end of the stick, but you have heard all of the excuses! Haven’t they milked this for long enough now?

Capricorn:    Your energies see you far away in your thoughts right now, the closer you come to a decision. Why should you even have to think of a compromise? The terms you offer are straight down the line, and anyone who really does love you wouldn’t want to treat you this shabby way. A time to be strong, yes, but you need to have soul searching contact too!!

Aquarius:   A wonderful time to think of yourself for a change. You seem busy making others happy, but let them make you happy too! It should be a reciprocal thing surely? Beware of what is behind a simple request. You hate to say NO but you are feeling uneasy, and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Jupiter squares Pluto, bringing luck, eventually!

Pisces:   Neptune, en route to Ceres, takes on Mars. Face up to facts now because there is change out there on the horizon and you will have to be a strong part of it. This is a time to eliminate that which you no longer wish to be responsible for, and to enlist reasonable support for that which you do want. Be firm and decisive, your spiritual energies guide you

If It’s Your Birthday This Week: Portents of luck and good fortune go hand in hand with some irritating delays this astrological year. Keeping your balance will be essential, and though the grass may look greener, you are best keeping
your feet firmly where they now belong; and working on skills!


Kenny, why is my horoscope different in every newspaper I read?
Alma P.

Good question Alma! Each and every astrologer has their own focus and interpretation as their right. Whilst the Cosmos is constantly changing, the astrologer homes in on an aspect that reaches their attention. I realise that this can mean differing information. My horoscope is cast especially for the Costa Blanca with the appropriate co-ordinates. I have such a small space to offer a casting for the entire week, but I cannot include everything. Many newspapers and magazines buy in their Horoscope, and these are very often totally computer generated! With the support of the RTN and my loyal readers, I thank my lucky stars!

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