Inspiring signs at Campoverde church

Inspiring signs at Campoverde church
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A while ago, Campoverde Church decided that they needed to find new ways to get their message across to the people in Campoverde village. Following discussions with people in the church and in the village they hit on the idea of ‘inspirational messages’ posted on a signpost in the church garden.

James McAllister, of Campoverde Church, said, “We trawled our hearts, our minds and the internet and came up with a series of inspirational messages that we thought may touch other peoples’ hearts and minds as they passed our church. We then needed someone really creative and clever to print them out in a way they could be seen”.

They approached Barry Glazier from Designaright, and not only did he immediately volunteer his services he did all the work with no charge to the church. They then needed a signpost and James, continuing his services to the church, used his carpentry skills to design and produce the signpost.

Last Friday, the first signpost and the first sign went up. Make sure you keep watching as the signs will be replaced every two weeks.

For further information about Campoverde Church contact Maggie Dew on 966 762 264 or 693 513 678 or e-mail [email protected].

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