Keep taking those tablets warn medical experts


MEDICAL experts are issuing a warning to the estimated 20 per cent of people who don’t follow their medication routine during the summer months.  This is especially prevalent among people taking blood pressure tablets.

Specialists at the Quirónsalud Hospitals in both Valencia and Torrevieja have expressed their concern that people ignoring doctor’s orders are putting themselves at a high risk of further complications such as angina, heart attacks, heart failure and even a stroke.  The risk of kidney failure is also significantly increased.

Rafael Florenciano, a specialist in the Cardiology Unit at Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja, explained that a bad diet with high levels of sugar and fat, along with tobacco abuse, alcohol and a lack of exercise in the hot weather can lead to blood pressure issues.

Someone suffering from high blood pressure exposed to high temperatures and failing to drink enough fluids may then suffer from severe low blood pressure, leading to fainting and even a loss on consciousness.

As Dr Florenciano explained: “One of the medications used to treat high blood pressure are diuretics, which, together with the high temperatures experienced in the summer, causes the patient to lose more fluids, which is why It is vitally important to replace those liquids more than usual.”

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