Ladies who Lunch celebrate anniversary


THERE ARE many well-known big local organisations up and down the Costa Blanca and beyond that raise enormous amounts of money for charities and other good causes.

Often, some of the smaller groups doing an equally fine job get unintentionally ignored and their efforts unrecognised… until now.

Janine Williams is responsible for organising a group called Ladies who Lunch.  They meet once a month not only for a convivial lunch in various venues in the area but also raise money and make their own significant contributions to charities.  They have been going for seven years and just celebrated their anniversary complete with a cake.  During that time, this small group has raised a fantastic sum in excess of €20,000.

The other organisation that takes up much of Janine’s time is FAB.  Nothing to do with Thunderbirds as in this case, FAB stands for Friends After Bereavement, a group set up to bring together men and women of all ages that have suffered the loss of a wife, husband, partner, soulmate or other family members.  They get the chance to share their experiences but at the same time make new friends and enjoy social occasions.  They also raise money for local organisations, the latest being two donations totalling €540 to the Tasha Appeal which is one of the more prominent current good causes in the area.

For more information about both of these organisations, please contact Janine on  677 165 462 or via e-mail on [email protected]

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