Live longer and prosper

Live longer and prosper

DATA from the Valencian Health Observatory shows some of the local areas are those with the longest life expectancy.

Across the community, life expectancy has increased by 3.8 years for men and 2.6 years for women between 2000 and 2015, with Elche leading the way for men and Alicante for women.

As for the capitals with the highest life expectancy at birth for men are Elche (76.98 years), Alicante (76.46), Castellón (76.09) and Valencia (75.66).

For women, the data showed the following: Alicante (83.04 years), Elche (82.73), Castellón (82.72) and Valencia (82.46).

As a whole, Spain (83.3 years) is among the twelve countries whose people live longer than 82, joining Japan (83.7); Switzerland (83.4), Singapore (83.1), Australia (82.8), Italy (82.7), Iceland (82.7), Israel (82.5), France (82.4), South Korea (82.3) and Canada (82.2).

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