Local ‘Formula One’ race stopped


POLICE in Murcia surprised the owners of a selection of luxury sports cars who were recording their latest race around the streets.

A total of 15 cars, including several Ferraris, were about to take part in what the police described as their own ‘Formula One’ race in the city, the result of which was planned to be shared across social media as they’d done previously.

The drivers took advantage of the quieter city centre streets because of the extended weekend that included Tuesday’s ‘Red Day’, but they didn’t know that police were waiting for them as the authorities had themselves seen previous races on YouTube which gave away who and where they were.

The speed kings had set up cameras on some of the cars to film their exploits which has seen some of them driving at speeds of 200kph through the Atalayas tunnel in an area where the official speed limit is 60kph.  Trying to avoid being recognised, one of the car drivers in a Nissan GT-R and valued at €120,000 covered up the number plates with white tape.  He was intercepted by police before he had the chance to start racing.

If any of the people detained are found guilty, they could be facing prison sentences of three to six months.

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