Macallan whisky, not a cheap shot

Caption: OVER A BARREL: Mature or an immature fake? Photo credit: Wikimedia

ACCORDING to experts, the €8,670 measure of Macallan 1878 vintage Scotch whisky bought at a St Moritz hotel was a fake.

The unnamed Chinese guest paid CHF9,999 (€8,670) for a 2cl measure of the single malt in the Devil’s Place bar at the Hotel Waldhaus in St Moritz, Switzerland which is in the Guinness Book of Records for having 2,500 varieties of whisky on offer, at the end of July.

Now the hotel has launched a full investigation after a number of whisky enthusiasts raised concerns about the authenticity of the Macallan bottle, and may take legal action over the matter. Macallan owner Edrington has also promised to help with the inquiry.

“I got some information from a whisky expert that this bottle could be a fake,” said Sandro Bernasconi, manager of the hotel. “I’ve done some research and talked to different people.  I called the Chinese guest to tell him that it could be a fake and said we would give the money back [if it is]. It’s very important to us to find out if it’s a real bottle or if it’s a fake.”

He added: “We’re open to find out the truth. If we had known it before, we would never have sold it.”

The labels on the dark-coloured glass bottle state that the whisky was distilled in 1878, and was matured in barrels for 27 years. Tests are likely to analyse the cork, glass, label and liquid. “If there are some fake bottles, then we have to destroy them,” said Bernasconi.

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