Man attempts to urinate on police

Peeing Statue by David Cerny outside the Franz Kafka Museum in Prague Photo Credit: Wikimedia

A FIFTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD Dutch man allegedly tried to urinate on members of the National Police after being arrested in Torremuelle, Benalmadena.

The man was detained alongside his friend, aged 48, after officers stopped the pair in their car.  The two were driving along Avenida Sol when officers, who were attending an accident, saw their car had a foreign registration and tried to stop them.

The men allegedly ignored the request and tried to drive on leading officers to stand in front of the car.  The forty-eight-year-old driving apparently slowed the vehicle before quickly accelerating again to get away before an officer stopped him by reaching through the window and grabbing the man’s key.

Noticing the men seemed drunk, police asked the driver to submit to a breathalyser test, which he refused to give, instead picking up the device and pretending to play it like a flute.  Realising neither occupant was fit to drive, officers impounded the vehicle, organising a tow vehicle to take it to a warehouse.

The fifty-three-year-old man, who owned the car, then tried to leave and allegedly reached for something in his pocket.  Searching him, officers found he had a razor blade on his person as well as a knife and gym dumbbells in his car.  Trying to arrest the driver, police were met with aggression from both men, leading officers to detain both men, taking them to the National Police station where the men are said to have become more violent, allegedly hitting furniture and insulting police.

The car’s owner then pulled down his trousers and started urinating, apparently aiming at officers, but instead just hitting the floor.

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