Men released by police after false accusations


SIX MEN that were arrested in Gandia earlier this week have been released after the woman who accused them admitted it was false.

The six – aged between 29 and 52-years-old – all shared the same home with the woman and had been arrested after one of the men had allegedly carried out a sexual assault on her; the other five were detained for not coming to her help.

However, two days later in front of a local magistrate, the woman admitted that she was not a victim of any sexual assault, and made the story up to get revenge on her partner.

The man originally arrested for sexual assault – originally from Pakistan – was immediately released once the confession was heard, although the judge in Gandia authorised his expulsion from Spain as it was discovered that he was an illegal immigrant and subject to an expulsion order issued in October 2016.

During investigations it was established that the man has no formal or informal links to Spain and that he has made no attempt to legalise his status in the country.  The judge justified his expulsion order on the grounds of public security as if the man were to be released he may continue with the illegal life he was living.

He is to be detained for up to 60 days in an immigration centre.

The other men arrested – three Pakistanis, one Algerian and one Cuban – were also immediately released.

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