Costa del Sol mugging gang brought to justice

Mugging ring brought to justice
Gang of thieves found in possession of several mobile phones and memory cards. Credit: Wikimedia

LOCAL POLICE in Torremolinos have arrested a group of five Spanish and Colombian thieves who had been targeting tourists.

The alleged criminals were found with a bag containing several mobile phones and memory cards as well as a wallet.

The ring was brought down after police were approached by the owner of a tobacconist on the El Bajondillo promenade who said his shop’s CCTV cameras had caught the five mugging an individual for their mobile.  According to media reports, the images showed alleged thieves “keeping watch and monitoring all customers, turning their heads on several occasions to stop people coming and going to the shop.”

Four officers looked at the tape and located the victim, a young Austrian tourist, who was staying with family at the Hotel Sol Principe.  Police quickly distributed descriptions of the accused to other units and told them where they had been operating.  Officers eventually found four of those shown on the tape, along with another person, 300 metres from the tobacconist, near the Los Corales beach.  According to police they were “moving hastily” when officers approached them and seized mobile phones they were carrying.

After checking the identification codes of the telephones against a database they were sure they had found the ring.  Four of the ring were arrested while one, who was heavily pregnant, remained in a health centre.

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