Murcia promise no more pets to be put down


FROM the year 2020, the city of Murcia is looking to have a “zero sacrifice” policy for any pets they have in their care.

The city is committed to ensuring the welfare and protection of the pets in the region and wants to stop the practise of putting down any animals that are unable to be found a loving home.

Alongside this initiative, they will be promoting a campaign to encourage more people to adopt the many cats and dogs in their care and currently homed at the Zoonosis Centre in Murcia.  The spokesperson for the council, Rebeca Perez, emphasised that all the pets released into homes from Zoonosis are fully vaccinated, sterilised or neutered, de-wormed and electronically tagged.

The new proposals also foresee a limit on the number of domestic animals being allowed in the home.  At present, each person can have a maximum of three dogs or cats in town properties and five in the rural ones.

Likewise, practices such as permanently keeping pets on balconies and terraces, using animals for illegal shows and fights or any activity that is considered to involve cruelty or ill-treatment shall be prohibited.  This also includes any operations on the animal purely for aesthetic purposes.

These proposals have been brought about following a commission report put together in collaboration with all the political parties in Murcia, animal protection associations, the Murcia Region Association, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Murcia.

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