Murcia timetables bus route revision


TRANSPORT authorities for Murcia have begun to look at a series of proposals submitted by LatBus for the improvement of some of the most popular routes used by passengers. In particular, they are considering alterations and upgrades to the following:

1 (San Ginés, Murcia, Estadio Nueva Condomina), 7 (La Albatalía, Murcia, La Arboleja), 26 (El Palmar, Murcia), 28 (Sangonera la Verde, Murcia), 29 La Alberca, Murcia by Patiño), 30 (Los Ramos, Murcia) and 91 (Sangonera la Seca, Javalí Nuevo, Murcia).

For all those listed above, there will be an in-depth study into the alternatives, whether it’s changes to timetables, routes or schedules.  In some cases, it’s likely to result in a complete change of route where in others possible enhancements to weekend services.

Councilor Roque Ortiz explained that LatBus has also proposed to modify three other lines – 31, 39 and 50 – which will be considered at the next meeting of the transport committee in September.

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