Mystery woman identified in Alicante

Mystery woman identified
Caption: SANTA BARBERÁ: Swedish woman identified in seven-metre plunge. Photo credit: Wikimedia

A WOMAN who fell from a seven-metre high wall around the Santa Barberá castle in Alicante has been identified at last.

The accident happened last Friday and a combination of not having any ID with her, drifting in an out of consciousness, and nobody reporting anyone missing meant that the medical staff at the hospital nor the police could discover anything about her.

Originally, authorities described her as being ‘about 30’ and originally said she couldn’t recall anything about the fall that saw her ending up in hospital.

Four days later, she was discovered to a 41-year-old Swedish national who had been an in-patient at the nearby San Juan Hospital where she was undergoing treatment in the mental health unit.

Her only memory of what happened was sitting on wall of the castle before possible losing her balance. She suffered severe back injuries, remains in intensive care and police are investigating whether her fall was an accident or whether it was caused by something more sinister.

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