New mum decapitated in faulty Spanish hospital lift hours after giving birth

New mum decapitated in faulty hospital lift hours after giving birth
HER WHOLE LIFE IN FRONT OF HER: Rocio was only 25-years-old and leaves behind her three children and her husband Photo credit Facebook

A SPANISH WOMAN who had just given birth to her third child was decapitated by a faulty hospital lift.

Rocio Cortes Nunez, 25, had just given birth by c-section and was being wheeled back to her room on a stretcher when the incident occurred at the Our Lady of Valme hospital in Sevilla last Sunday.

Ms Nunez, who was still holding her new-born, was reportedly being moved to the maternity ward by a porter when the lift doors opened and closed a few times while they were inside.

When the porter attempted to wheel the new mum out of the lift to use another one, it began to rise of its own accord with the doors open, leaving part of her body outside.
Ms Nunez is survived by her new-born and two other daughters, aged four and five, as well as her husband of four years, who said he was devastated by what happened.

“This can’t be so. Today it was Rocio but tomorrow it could be someone else,” he told ABC Sevilla.

Her brother-in-law David Gaspar said the accident was hard to believe and the family wants answers as to how it happened.

While an investigation has been launched, officials are saying the lift had been inspected just a week earlier during its regular check and no problems were detected.
Regional Health Minister Marina Alvarez described the accident as “rapid, unusual and tragic” and said they had met with the company that maintains the lift as part of their investigation.

She also added that members of Ms Nunez’s family as well as the porter who was with her in the lift were undergoing counselling.

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