No need to paint with Andura

No need to paint with Andura
No need to paint with Andura

GIVE your home the ultimate spring clean with Andura Abroad No Need To Paint system. Every home owner on the Costa Blanca is aware of the continual struggle to upkeep and retain the fresh, clean appearance of the exterior of their Mediterranean home, but with Andura, this spring clean is one that will last for years.

Thanks to the Andura Abroad No Need To Paint system, repetitive house painting is a thing of the past, as this specialist exterior wall coating lasts up to 10 times longer than any ordinary paint.

The system has been in place since 1979 and has been on the Costa Blanca in Spain for 25 years, transforming the exterior appearance of thousands of homes.

Andura wall coatings offer numerous benefits over standard exterior paints. The coating is made from a flexible resin allowing it to expand and contract with the building, preventing cracks and blisters. It is 10 times thicker than paint offering an unrivalled coverage and resists strong sunlight and UV rays. The coating creates an impenetrable barrier which prevents any water getting into the fabric of the building, but also allows internal moisture to escape. It prevents mould and fungus and also acts as an insulator to the building. As well as vastly improving the appearance of your property it also adds value.

The coating comes in a standard range of 12 colours and the professional team will offer the best service possible working on your home until it is completed. The service begins with the walls being cleaned to remove dirt and loose paint and surface imperfections are carefully treated. Doors and windows are masked up and plants and lawns are fully protected by tarpaulins before the primer and coating is applied.

Andura Abroad No Need To Paint is so confident of the long lasting finish you will obtain, they offer a 15 year guarantee and an insurance backed guarantee is available.

Promotional homes are currently wanted across the Costa Blanca. For nearly 20 years the company has successfully used the open house/open day promotional homes concept to promote the products and services they offer as the home owner enjoys substantial discounts on the normal cost of the Andura coating.

So for more information or to arrange a free on site survey and assessment, contact the team today.

No Need To Paint
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