Nobody knows about the Volvo Ocean Race

MAPFRE: The Spanish team return after winning the New Zealand stage in their debut season Photo Credit: Wikimedia

IN LESS than two months, the Volvo Ocean Race 2017 is in Alicante and questions are being asked why nobody seems to know about it.

A spokesman for the opposition Partido Popular (PP) in Alicante said that there appears to be “no interest” in promoting the event that is taking place in the city from October 11 to 22.  It’s particularly frustrating as it’s in the middle of the tourist season and there are neither signs nor posters to be seen so as to encourage their return.

Luis Barcala said: “Back last year, we proposed the setting up of a commission to plan a series of activities to promote the event with the aim of achieving the maximum economic impact for our city.  Hotels and restaurants and local business would be able to benefit from the influx of people.  Despite our proposals, there has been nothing.”

Barcala compares the lack of apparent enthusiasm in promoting the event in Alicante to that shown in Portugal’s capital Lisbon that will be hosting the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race after Spain.

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