Nobody’s dying to use funeral parlour

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A TANATORIO that has been open for six months is about to close its doors as nobody has used the funeral service on offer.

The San Roque Tanatorio located in the Murcia municipality of Blanca began trading on January 20 this year.  In the intervening time, the owner has paid out almost €2,000 per month in rent and utility bills to keep the business alive, added to the €200,000 original investment.

The 48-year-old owner, Pedro Antonio Palazón Morales, and his wife, also 48, are at a loss to understand why not a single person has chosen to use the 300 square metres comprising of two rooms, a chapel, a body preparation area and a hall.

The couple, who had careers as a truck driver and care worker respectively, decided to open the tanatorio as there are no similar facilities in the Valle de Ricote where they live.  Pedro even travelled to Valladolid to successfully study tanatoaesthetics, a specialist course on how to run and operate funeral services.

Asked why he believed his business hasn’t attracted a single customer, Pedro lays the blame at the funeral insurance companies who are allegedly not giving people a choice by law as to where the service for their loved ones can be held, and probably don’t know they exist.  “At least twenty people have died in Blanca this year,” said Pedro, “and yet none of them have ended up at our funeral parlour.”

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