Park life in Mijas

A worker: supporting the council’s project

MIJAS’ Council has put together a team to clean the municipality’s parks and playgrounds over July and August.

Laura Moreno, Complementary Services Councillor, has visited Parque el Abuelo alongside the Councillor for Parks and Gardens, Roy Perez, to check on the works.

Councillor Moreno commented, “after launching an initiative to clean all children’s play areas in November, we decided to intensify the work over the summer months,” adding the project, “began in July and is expected to run until September.”

She added, “we are also cleaning the perimeter of all parks in response to demand from residents, and we are particularly focusing on entrances to parks where we have observed mess from pets.”

In addition to cleaning, the council is also landscaping the parks.  Councillor Perez explained, “we have just planted 700 plants in Parque El Abuelo, as well as renovating the irrigation system, and we have also started to reseed the grass, which was badly deteriorated.”  He added, “together with remodelling several parks like Osunilla, this is another example of the council’s commitment to providing improved leisure spaces, with well-kept gardens and furniture suited to the space.”

The councillors asked residents to help look after the improved spaces, saying, “collaboration from our neighbours is essential to see the results of all this hard work remain in perfect condition.”

The news comes after Mijas council planted out 1,000 new plants throughout the municipality’s parks and gardens as part of the Department for Green Spaces’ Beautification Plan, which seeks to enhance these areas with various species and colours of flower.

Laura Moreno commented, “this type of work beautifies our green areas in each and every one of the municipality’s gardens, which are there for the enjoyment of locals and visitors.”  She added, “we undertake the work we believe is essential for our town to look its best and we have had around 30 people carrying out the task.”

Moreno thanked the work done by all the staff on the project, explaining, “we must remember that we are talking about people who are not qualified and who are training at the moment, so I would like to congratulate them for their work. We want to continue training all the staff that use Mijas Complementary Services.”

Among the plants are native species which adapt well to the area’s climate, including adelias, daylily and rosemary, among others. Carmen de Paz, coordinator

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