Costa del Sol car parking expanded


MIJAS Council has announced it is creating a tender to finding a company to build further parking in the Virgen de la Peña car park.

The project, which has an €180,000 budget, is one of five potential plots around the municipality for further parking.  According to Councillor for Infrastructure, Jose Carlos Martin, “we have made this commitment to fulfil a demand voiced by residents.  Parking is a problem that we need to tackle through various actions, the first of which is to expand existing parking, which has already been budgeted and we hope to begin work as soon as possible.”

The scheme, which comes under the Mijas Pueblo Parking Plan, takes into account residents’ views on where they think is the best location for additional parking. Jose Carlos Martin explained, “we have carried out a feasibility study which has given us data showing the various possibilities for parking locations around the municipality. This analysis gives us important information of where the best place to expand parking would be so we can help our visitors and residents with the problem of lack of spaces.” He added other potential plots being considered include two in the Barrio Santana.  The councillor said, “we are going to present the feasibility study to residents and then we will be start drafting a tender.”

The project comes in the wake of a series of improvements around Mijas, including cleaning of all parks the planting of 1,000 plants throughout the municipality as part of the Department for Green Spaces’ Beautification Plan, which seeks to enhance these areas with various species and colours of flower.

Laura Moreno commented, “this type of work beautifies our green areas in each and every one of the municipality’s gardens, which are there for the enjoyment of locals and visitors.”  She added, “we undertake the work we believe is essential for our town to look its best and we have had around 30 people carrying out the task.”

Moreno thanked the work done by all the staff on the project, explaining, “we must remember that we are talking about people who are not qualified and who are training at the moment, so I would like to congratulate them for their work. We want to continue training all the staff that use Mijas Complementary Services.”

Among the plants are native species which adapt well to the area’s climate, including adelias, daylily and rosemary, among others. Carmen de Paz, coordinator of Mijas Complementary Services, commented, “this work takes us a little longer than a professional gardener, we are hoping to hire qualified staff and also train others.”

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