Party countdown in Malaga

Party countdown
Caption: FLASHBACK: A scene from the 2016 day fair Photo Credit: Shutterstock

TONIGHT (Friday) is the night for the grand party to begin.

The curtain is set to rise on Malaga’s annual Feria this evening with fireworks and music together with an expected two million visitors for theweek of the fair.

One of the musical highlights will be an appearance from local singer and songwriter María del Mar Rodríguez Carnero known as La Mari who will officially open the Fair at 11.50pm on Friday, enjoy the fireworks and then appear with her band Chambao at 12.20am.

The night fair with its hundreds of fairground attractions, pop-up bars, dance and music is held in the special fair area at El Cortijo de Torres and appeals to young and old.

The centre of the day fair is the charismatic Avenida del Marqués de Larios whose roof is swathed in canvas to try to protect visitors from the sun, but events spill across the city with museums opening with special displays and horsemen and young women in traditional parading through many of the streets.

Whilst there is plenty of parking and helpful police to guide drivers for the night fair, it is recommended that visitors to the day fair park in suburbs and use public transport.

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