Pedestrian safety secured in Denia

Pedestrian safety secured
CLEAR AS DAY: The bollards and pedestrian crossing improve visibility for both drivers and pedestrians Photo credit Denia Ayuntamiento

BOLLARDS have been installed on calle La Via in Denia after it was pedestrianised some time ago but drivers continued to access the street at the peril of pedestrians.

The bollards have been installed between at the entrance to calle La Via from calle Carlos Senti to prevent vehicular access.

As Councillor Javier Scotto presented the bollards, he pointed to a new pedestrian crossing which has also been installed after “pedestrians crossed that section without realising that it is a crossroad.”

Scotto explained that “drivers did not respect the traffic prohibition on calle La Via, which led to complaints regarding the safety of pedestrians, especially children.”

He also added that the bollards are made of plastic, meaning they can be knocked over for emergency access by ambulances or fire engines.

The loading and unloading area that was previously located on calle La Via has been moved to calle Carlos Senti, towards calle Patricio Ferrandiz.

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