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How to complain

Q : If I want to complain in Spain, what do I have to do?

A : Ask fora ‘hoja de reclamación’?

 The hojas de reclamaciones are issued by the local authority and filling one of these out is the first step in the official Spanish complaints procedure.

Each form consists of three parts: a top (white) original copy, a middle (green) copy for the customer, and a bottom (pink) copy which remains in the book.

The form should be completed,signed and dated on the premises of the business where the complaint is being made.Spanish is prefered, however you can also fill it out in English.

Try to keep it simple. Write what the comlaint is and what solution you would like, eg a refund, exchange of goods, etc.

Then take the WHITE original, plus photocopies of any receipts, guarantees, any other documents you believe relevant, to the ‘Oficinas Municipales de Información al Consumidor’ or the Town Hall.

If you require help with a complaint or wish to take things further through civil courts,contact us today on 965 480 737 or [email protected].

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