Pig plague returns to Javea

Pig plague returns to Javea
DON’T FEED THE PIGS: Saladar neighbours have asked that people refrain from feeding the pigs Photo credit Worms and Germs

THE people of Javea thought their problem of the Vietnamese pigs that propagated in the Saladar was solved earlier this year when a British mother and daughter adopted them in Pou de la Font in Benitachellto prevent them from being slaughtered.

But the pigs escaped from the fenced lot a short time later and after running riot in Benitachell, are now back with a vengeance in the Saladar.

The neighbours are fearful that the pigs will cause accidents and believe they have now crossed with wild boars and birthed the cerdoli hybrids, a species that inherits the worst of their parents: they are aggressive like wild boars and reproduce with the ease of Vietnamese pigs.

Saladar residents say have they made several complaints to the council but ‘at the moment we have not received any response’ adding ‘we believe it is a serious problem that must be addressed as soon as possible.’

The neighbours have asked that people refrain from feeding the pigs, which appears to be making the problem worse: ‘People come to feed them which causes the area to become increasingly dirty and full of cats.’

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