Please Mister Postman

Please Mister Postman
NO POST, EVERYDAY: 12,940 residents will have to collect their post Photo credit Flickr

CORREOS announced this week that it will stop delivering post to 21,262 homes houses in les Rotes, les Marines, on the Montgo and la Pedrera.

Instead, municipal letterboxes will be installed and 12,940 affected residents will have to collect their post.

Local councils have campaigned against these measures but the National Market and Competition Commission dismissed them and supported Correos given the low population density in comparison to the number of dwellings in these areas.

In les Marines in particular, there are 12,777 dwellings and only 4,139 registered inhabitants.

Correos is following the Postal Regulations, which declares an area a ‘special environment’ should at least two of the following three circumstances occur:

  • The number of inhabitants census is equal to or less than 25 per hectare.
  • The number of houses or premises is equal to or less than 10 per hectare.
  • The volume of ordinary shipments in the environment does not exceed five weekly shipments, on average per home and in annual computation.

Correos has confirmed it will continue to deliver to the urban centres of Denia, Jesus Pobre and La Xara.

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