Red flag warnings continue to be ignored on Costa Blanca

Caption: WARNINGS: Red flag flown 52 times already this season. Photo credit: Public Domain Pictures

THROUGHOUT the beaches of the southern Costa Blanca, more and more people are appearing to ignore the flag warnings.

This summer season already has seen 183 bathers needing to be rescued across 18 beaches that make up Javea, Santa Pola and Guardamar.

In addition, the Cruz Roja (Spanish Red Cross) have needed to take 58 people by ambulance to hospital.

In a sign that bathers are taking no notice of the different coloured warning flags placed at regular intervals along the beaches, most of the rescues took place when the yellow or red flag was flying. During the first few weeks of the season, the yellow flag was raised 145 times; the red flag 52.

Director of the Cruz Roja in Alicante, Andrés Chessa, said: “The Cruz Roja cannot emphasise enough the importance of respecting the colours of the flags. The fact that there are still people who enter the sea with the red flag flying or ignore the instructions of the rescue team means that work on awareness needs actioning. The flags are like the traffic lights on the roads.”

In view of this, the Cruz Roja, is undertaking a series of campaigns using social media, posters and leaflets in several languages giving advice to residents and tourists alike to prevent future accidents or drowning.

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