Residents begin their own patrols to catch suspected arsonist

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A 64-YEAR-OLD woman has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of five of the eleven fires that have burned out cars over recent weeks in parts of Torrevieja.

She has also been accused of throwing corrosive materials over other cars.  Her arrest comes the day after local residents had decided to begin overnight vigils to monitor the area, and it’s not known if the arrest is connected with their vigilance.

A total of eleven cars have totally or partially destroyed in the Urbanisation Parquemar, Molino Blanco and Mar Azul during August and a further 12 cars have been badly scratched or vandalised.

The last two cars that were found in flames included a hire car rented out by a Russian family and a high-end car owned by a Swedish national who owns a house in the area.

Earlier incidents have needed the intervention of local firefighters whose quick work prevented the flames spreading to trees, other vehicles, nearby homes and the Amanecer School close to where the cars were parked.

Urbanisation Mar Azul have experienced the bulk of these car fires and all the signs based on statements from local residents point to all them being the work of a single pyromaniac.  The Guardia Civil confirmed that they found remains of rags soaked in petrol in one of the partially destroyed cars.

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