Going ape at Costa Blanca safari park

Phot Credit : Pixabay

THE POPULAR Rio Safari Park in Elche has taken part in the internationally celebrated World Orangutan Day.

The day was dedicated to giving out information and holding a series of talks to explain the vulnerability of the creatures, made increasingly popular by the appearance of Clyde alongside Clint Eastwood in the film Every Which Way But Loose.

Animal conservation experts believe that the orangutan is at a serious risk of extinction and the worst case scenario is that it could disappear within 10 years in its natural habitat on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

Rio Safari is home to four of the endangered species as part of the European Endangered Programme in collaboration with other parks on the continent.

The oldest Elche resident is Nakal, a 29-year-old adult male living with a family of gibbons on an island in the park complete with trees and ropes.

In another area are Linga, Joy and Kay who arrived from Monkey World which is a primate rescue centre in England.

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