Screwdriver sex attacker ‘had a girlfriend’

Screwdriver sex attacker ‘had a girlfriend’
CCTV footage leads to identification of sex attacker

MALAGA POLICE have reported the thirty-one-year-old sex attacker behind four assaults in Fuengirola between May and July had a girlfriend.

The police also revealed the man probably committed the attacks after coming from his partner’s home, as well as announcing they caught him after working with the Family and Women’s Unit (UFAM) and Specialised and Violent Crime team (UDEV) to build up a profile of the man.

According to police, investigators considered the attacker, who used a screwdriver to threaten his victims before sexually assaulting them, be a “sexual predator,” who was likely to escalate his violence after allegedly trying to force one of the girls into his van.

Following detailed physical descriptions from the victims, police have revealed they looked at hundreds of CCTV images from the areas of each of the attacks, eventually finding a van registration number and locating the man. Officers then showed a photograph of the suspect to his four victims, who all positively identified him.

The man, whose name has not been released by the police, has since been jailed without bail and will now stay in prison until his trial.  Police have revealed he is an electrician and body-builder from a well-known local family, and was previously denounced in 2009 for allegedly assaulting a disabled woman.

The alleged attacker, who is described as having short, dark hair, an athletic build, a tattoo on his arm, and as being between five foot five and five foot seven, assaulted his first victim on May 31 when he is said to have approached a young Spanish girl, following her through the door to a building and then into its lift with her.  Once inside he allegedly threatened to kill her before forcing her to take down his trousers.  The man fled before carrying out his attack however, after being disturbed by a noise.

Another Spanish victim was assaulted as she walked home along a street after a night out with friends.  The man tried to make the girl touch him before one of her friends caught her up and started screaming.  Reportedly the man did not flee but simply walked casually back to his parked white van.

In his final attack, the alleged perpetrator targeted a British girl in her twenties at around dawn as she was leaving work.  The man is said to have jumped into the back of the girl’s car as she sat in the driver’s seat, and threatened to kill her with a screwdriver, saying it was not the first time he had murdered someone.  The man allegedly forced the British girl to perform several sex acts before leaving in a white van.

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