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Costa Nova Owners and Residents Group
ALTOGETHER NOW: There were 46 people in attendance from most resident nationalities Photo credit Costa Nova Owners and Residents Group

THE Costa Nova Owners and Residents Groupmet on Monday to discuss the issues and implications of the Costa Nova Park & Ride Pilot, its rapid deployment and the current consequential effect to the Costa Nova Community:

‘We are pleased to report that the meeting was very well attended. It was conducted and received in a positive and constructive manner. It lasted in excess of 2 hours, an indication of the strength of feeling and concern.

It was however clear that the majority objected to the location of the pilot site and its method of implementation.

It has become apparent that the pilot lacked in-depth assessment, logical analysis of potential problems (which have occurred) and the effect on the residents of transferring the problems that have manifested themselves in Granadella to Costa Nova.

There were 46 people in attendance from most resident nationalities including Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch. In addition, there were apologies and letters from 8 further people who expressed their views and concerns.

The consensus of the meeting is that we would very much like to work with our town council and to bring our concerns and issues to them and to find a mutually agreeable and beneficial way forward.

The meeting included discussions of the following items:

  • The clear lack of consultation with Costa Nova residents
  • The ad-hoc implementation to date
  • The lack of clarity and the incongruity in the objectives of the project and the criteria used to determine the success of the project
  • Fire Safety Implications. This was of extreme concern to residents particularly since Costa Nova was severely affected by evacuation last year during the fire emergency
  • Other Health and Safety issues – sanitation, visual pollution, dust, rubbish, noise, extra potential for traffic accidents, etc.
  • Other effects on residents – quality of life, partial destruction of a much-loved green zone etc.
  • Consideration and ideas of other solutions and sites to achieve the same objectives. e.g. A public and commercial bus service operated privately running from the town centre to serve all the coves and miradors (potentially cost neutral to residents of Javea and the Council)
  • Concerns regarding large numbers of people in the coves in high season in the event of a disaster/emergency scenario

The meeting resolutions included:

  • A mandate for a small team to represent the residents in discussion with the Council
  • To compile a full report of the meeting and make representation to key members of the Council to include: Jose Chulvi, Kika Marta, Isabel Bolufer, Doris Courcelles and Pepa Gisbert
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