Self-employment changes prove attractive

Self Employed
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THE central government plan introduced in 2013 to encourage more people to become autonomous (self-employed) has proved a success all-round.

More than 53,200 people in Alicante have registered to take advantage of the new flat monthly rate of €50 for the newly self-employed; in the Valencian community as a whole, 138,000 have registered for the attractive measures.

Until the Royal Decree, all autonomous workers were expected to pay the standard rate of around €270 per month; a figure that had to be paid whether they were working or otherwise if they wished to retain all the social security benefits.  Such a high amount was impractical for many and encouraged the growth of the black economy.

The flat rate of €50 lasts for the first six months from the date of application for new self-employed workers although plans are underway in Madrid to extend this period to one year.

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