WATCH: Man punched and kicked on ground by seven attackers on Costa Blanca

Man beaten by 7 others
NO HOLDING BACK: The attackers continue to punch, kick and push the victim as he lay helpless Photo credit YouTube

A VIDEO is circulating  on Facebook showing a young man being beaten by seven others.

The incident occurred early last Sunday morning in Gandia as the nightclubs were closing.

The video was taken from a nearby balcony by a resident who heard screams in the street.

It shows the victim beaten to the ground whilst the attackers continue to punch, kick and push him.

It shows two people trying to help the victim from afar by throwing glass bottles at the attackers.

The victim can be seen covering his head trying to protect himself.

The video cuts as the attackers are alerted to police presence – they flee the scene shouting ‘vamos!’

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