Sewbots are the new machinists


ADIDAS are investing $20m (€25m) in new technology in a series of robotic arms to make their world-famous shirts.

In raw numbers, 21 robot arms – known as Sewbots – will be able to produce 82,467 per day made up of 3,927 per arm and one shirt every 22 seconds!

Designed and built by the American company SoftWear Automation, Adidas will replace the workforce in its factories in China and Thailand during 2018 to both increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.

Each robot has a system of mechanical arms, needles and cameras that can cut and sew the fabric in four minutes. According to its creators, Sewbot is able to make a garment at a level of precision that not even the human eye can detect.

Chairman of the company that produces the shirts for Adidas, Tang Xinhong of Tianyuan Garments, said that they will eventually have 10 times the amount of Sewbots producing a predicted total of 800,000 units per day in the medium term, all made in American factories.

The idea is that not even the cheapest Chinese factory in the world could compete against the Sewbots.

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