Sickness claim thrown out of UK court

Diarrhoea claims declared "neither plausible nor credible"

A BRITISH tourist who blamed poor hygiene in a hotel gave her diarrhoea has had her compensation claim thrown out by a judge.

Her boasting about her trip on Facebook went against her previous claims that she’d suffered “nausea and diarrhoea” during an all-inclusive Thomas Cook holiday in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh.

Marissa McLean, 27, alleged that “the way food was cooked and prepared” led to her suffering illness at the resort one minute supposedly back and forth to the toilet and yet the next was saying he was in “paradise.”  She claimed the posts were to provoke an ex-boyfriend back in the UK to jealously.

In his damning conclusion, Judge Nadeem Khan said her evidence was “neither plausible nor credible” and he formally ruled her claim “fundamentally dishonest”, allowing the tour operator to recover the money it had spent fighting her claim.

Instead she was ordered to pay £2,812 within 21 days, and refused leave to appeal.

After the hearing, a spokesman for Thomas Cook said: “We’ve been clear we won’t hesitate to take action where we feel it’s justified in order to protect the majority of honest holidaymakers.  We’re pleased that, for a second time, a judge has recognised the dishonesty in these cases, showing that the courts are increasingly aware of the levels of fraud we’re seeing in holiday sickness claims.”

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